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What Are The Most Important Vitamins For Dogs?

Whether you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned pet parent, you want what’s best for your dog’s health. After all, we’re all in love with our dogs and want them to stay well-fed and happy. Did you know that the nutritional needs of your furry friend vary depending on the stage of their life? In this guide, we’ll explore the 7 most important vitamins for dogs and answer your burning questions. What vitamins do dogs need? Are there any associated risks? How can you include vitamins in your dog’s diet? Let’s find out!

What Are Vitamins?

Vitamins are organic compounds that help sustain life. Many of these compounds are found naturally in food, and animals’ bodies need them to grow and maintain their health.

Just like we’re prescribed vitamins and supplements by human doctors depending on an assessment of our health, the same is true for our dogs.

Before you start giving your dog vitamins, it’s best to get a comprehensive review of your dog’s health profile from your vet. This is because your dog’s vitamin needs will vary depending on multiple factors:

Breed If you have a large dog, say a golden retriever; their vitamin dosage will be higher than a small dog, like a schnauzer.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions Again, different dogs have different parameters of health depending on their breed and size. For example, pugs are more prone to asthma while labradors often get arthritis in old age.

Pregnancy – If your pooch is expecting a litter, she’ll need some extra love, along with a tailored dose of vitamins for a safe delivery.

Age – Puppies are full of energy and need proper nutrition to grow. Similarly, older dogs have slowed metabolism and lower energy levels and need vitamins for balanced nutrition.

If you have a fussy pooch on your hand who runs away at the sight of tablets, don’t worry! AQUALAPKA’s water for dogs is rich in vitamins, specially formulated for your furry friend’s improved health!

The 7 Most Important Vitamins For Dogs

We want to make your life as a dog owner more enjoyable and less worrisome. For this reason, we’re committed to your dog’s good health as much as you are.

⚠️ If you suspect that your canine companion is intolerant towards any vitamins or supplements, please contact your vet immediately.

1. Vitamin A for Dogs

Vitamin A, which is responsible for good vision in humans and fetal development, is also responsible for growth, immune function and cell function.

You’ll find eye care supplements for dogs that include Vitamin A. Additionally, foods such as sweet potatoes, egg yolks, and fish liver oil are also packed with the goodness of Vitamin A.

2. B Vitamins for Dogs

The group of B vitamins for dogs play a vital role in ensuring your pooch’s overall well-being.

– Vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism. It also activates ion channels in neural tissue.

– Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, and niacin facilitate enzyme function.

– Vitamin B6 is particularly vital since it’s responsible for glucose generation, red blood cell and nervous system function. This vitamin also facilitates hormone regulation, immune response, niacin synthesis, and gene activation.

– Pantothenic acid aids in energy metabolism.

– Finally, folic acid is involved in amino acid and nucleotide metabolism, as well as mitochondrial protein synthesis.

Some great sources of Vitamin B for dogs are found naturally in foods such as chicken, liver, salmon, eggs, and organ meats.

3. Vitamin C for Dogs

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant commonly found in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and blueberries. Most dogs love the taste of berries dipped in a little bit of plain yogurt! Vitamin C helps to protect the body from free radicals and inflammation. While dogs can produce Vitamin C in their livers, over time, this ability decreases with age. Supplementing your dog’s diet with Vitamin C may help promote their overall health.

4. Vitamin D for Dogs

The most abundant and common source of Vitamin D for humans and dogs alike, is the sun. So much so, that it’s called “the sunshine vitamin”! Without it, your dog would not be able to develop properly or maintain healthy muscles and bones. For your dog’s daily dose of Vitamin D, don’t miss out on their morning walks!

5. Vitamin E for Dogs

Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps your dog fight off oxidative damage. Also called tocopherol, this fat-soluble vitamin is essential for cell function and fat metabolism. Deficiencies may cause eye and muscle degeneration and reproductive problems.

For your pooch’s Vitamin E needs, feed them dark leafy greens and plant oil.

6. Vitamin K for Dogs

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s crucial for your dog’s blood clotting ability. If your dog eats rat or mouse poison, which disrupts his ability to make the vitamin, he can bleed to death if not treated.

Wondering how to add Vitamin K to your dog’s bowl? For a boost of Vitamin K1, feed your pooch broccoli, cabbage, green peas, and green beans. For Vitamin K2, try hard and soft cheeses, ground beef, and chicken liver.

7. Choline for Dogs

Choline is a component of the phospholipid cell membrane. The nutrient supports healthy brain and liver function, and is occasionally used as part of a treatment plan for pets with epilepsy. Furthermore, choline helps maintain hydration levels in dogs by preventing the loss of water through the skin.

Top off your pooch’s meals with choline-rich foods such as flaxseed or krill oil supplements for dogs.

Your Dog’s Health and Vitamins For Dogs

If you want to provide the best care for your dog, you have to do more than just take them for walks and feed them three times a day. There are supplements and vitamins for dogs to fill the gaps in nutrition and secure their good health. These vitamin supplements come in many different forms, from food treats to liquid drops that can be added to food. However, the easiest way to include vitamins in your pooch’s diet is to have a bowl full of AQUALAPKA’s vitamin-rich water for their improved health, and your peace of mind.

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